SampleHero's 5th Scoring Competition

Winner Announced May 25th 2019
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[DEADLINE FOR ENTRY Is May 24th, 2019 | 11:59pm]

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Grand Prize:

  1. The Winner will receive SampleHero’s “Outstanding Composition Award," to display in their studio!

    SampleHero Competition
  2. All currently available SampleHero products! (That's over $1,000.00 in goodies!)
  3. Your name, face and track will be featured on the product page of Stone Marimba and the SampleHero website forever! (SEE PAST WINNER HERE)


  1. To Enter: Pick up SampleHero’s “The Stone Marimba” virtual instrument at the competition discount price! ONLY $9.99!!!! That's it! Now you’ve entered the competition!
  2. Compose as many cues as you'd like, in as many styles you'd like! This one is wide open! Just make sure the Stone Marimba is the "MAIN FOCUS" of the track you compose.
  3. Tracks must be 1:30 - 2:00 mins in duration to qualify
  4. Submit a .wav of your track to:
  5. That’s it! May the best track win!


  1. Can I use other virtual instruments from SampleHero or other companies? – Yes!
  2. Can I pitch/distort/otherwise manipulate the sound? – Yes!
  3. Where do I send my track? - Submit a .wav of your track to: for review.
  4. When and how will the winner be announced? – The Winner will be announced on May 25th on FB LIVE!
  5. Can I use a discount code with my purchase of a competition? Nope! But the good news is, you are already getting a discounted virtual instrument!