Tank Drum I

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These amazing little instruments have many names: Tongue Drums, Slit Drums, Hank Drums and Tank Drums. We've had the opportunity to get our hands on a few of these little guys and are proud to present to you with Tank Drum I.

Tank Drum I is an absolute gem of a virtual instrument and for our asking price, is a no brainer! Save the $200.00-$500.00 and pick this little guy up today!

  • Super Detailed Sampling
  • Multiple Velocity Samples
  • Plastic Stick Tips
  • Rubber Mallets
  • No Digital Pitching!
  • 5-Band EQ
  • Attack
  • Cut-Off Filter
  • Distortion
  • Delay
  • Reverb
  • Mod-Wheel Pitch Bend

Required Kontakt (Full-Version) 5.7.0 or Higher
365 MB of Disk Space

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