FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION - Below you will find examples of and answers to the most commonly asked questions.

1. Wow!!!! Your virtual instruments, sample packs and midi packs sound AMAZING!!!! Why are they so inexpensive? Crazy great prices!
First, THANK YOU! That means the world to us! - We are able to keep the cost of about 98% of our virtual instruments incredibly low in a few ways. First, we own our sampling/recording studio located outside of Los Angeles, CA. Next, we focus on the SOUND of our libraries and NOT the millions of useless GUI features that take forever to code, forever to figure out and in the end, just get in your way and slow you down. (For example: When you want a gong sample..., you want a gong sample... Press a key... get a gong sample... You dig?) Lastly, we've acquired 100's of amazing instruments from around the world over the past several years and now have an incredible collection to sample from. Dope right?

2. I LOVE your vibes and your company seems sooooooooooo cool! Can I work for you? Please?
Again, THANK YOU! The short answer is, maybe! We Are currently looking to fill a few unique positions on our team. Please visit the Jobs page located under the "About Us" category in the menu bar at the top of our website.

3. Where can I get one of those dope SampleHero hats I see Beth wearing on Social Media?
Right here my G...

4. Wait a minute...? I noticed that some of your products don't have soundcloud links, demo videos, walkthrough/tutorials or even examples of how they sound? Are you crazy? I ain't buying nothing if I can't hear it!
AGREED!!!!! We are currently building all of that glorious content for you to help you with your buying decision. In the mean time, you CAN however hear/see the software on our Instagram. Give us a follow @samplehero1. We are very VERY active in the studio and on the "Insta" my G and you can see and here snippets of SampleHero products there!

5. Do you guys do educational discounts?
YES! SampleHero is committed to supporting music education and helping the next generation of great composers achieve success. For purchase of our libraries for individual use by current students or teachers at any level (K-12, university, post-graduate), we offer a 25% discount on our entire catalog with no exception. This discount may not be combined with any other offers or sales. To take advantage of this program, simply contact us using an .edu email address or, if you don’t have one, please send us a copy of your current student/teacher ID (dated) or other proof of enrollment and we will send you a discount code! That easy fam! Please note: that these are INDIVIDUAL licenses for INDIVIDUAL users. Simply, they may be installed on one lab computer at a time, for use by one user at a time. For multiple licenses or a multi-user lab or studio computer, please contact sales@samplehero.com to ensure you obtain the proper license. We'll hook you up!

Note: All Full Sail University students receive a 25% discount as part of their enrollment.

6. Can I order a physical box of your products?
Nope. To ensure you receive your products at the lowest prices and as fast as possible, all SampleHero products are direct download only. Save a tree... :)

. Ok... I paid for my software... Now what? Where is it? Where do I download it?
Log into your account and click the Review Orders link, listed under My Account. You will find a download link for your products.

. DANG!!! I missed yesterday's sale because my dog at my homework and aliens abducted my grandma and my car ran out of gas in the middle of the jungle and... Blah... Blah... Blah... Riiiiight.... Just kidding. We are very sorry you missed the sale. Unfortunately, we cannot issue retroactive discounts. Please make sure your e-mail address is current on your account and you check back regularly to not miss the next one! Matter of fact, send us all your friends names and e-mails as well. We'll hook them up with great deals as well and they will love you for it! :)

. How do I become a SampleHero Artist? I want that fatty Artist Discount!
We are currently looking for great artists that are CURRENT users of our products. If you currently use SampleHero products, have loads of demos that feature SampleHero products and are killin' it in the industry (CRED IT KING), we want to hear from you! Please contact sales@samplehero.com and let's chat about what you're up to!

10. Hey Yo's!? I have a cool idea for a virtual instrument! Do you guys take recommendations for future releases?
Yes! We're always hunting for strange and unusual instruments to sample and would LOVE any recommendations you may have for future virtual instruments. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @samplehero1 and send a private message to Beth with your suggestions.

11. Hmmm... My download isn't working? What can I do to get my software fast?
Oh Snap! In the unlikely event the website freaks out and your download stalls, send and e-mail to sales@samplehero.com. We'll straight up wetransfer.com that software to you if we have to and we'll do it with the quickness!

Dang Yo! I'm not diggin' the software guys... Can I received a refund?
Bummer! Unfortunately, due to the nature of virtual instruments, sample libraries and SFX products, we do not offer refunds in any way ever! We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thankfully however, we do price all of our products at a great low price! BUT, if you're truly not diggin' the software and you happen to be an LA local, let's grab a coffee and talk about it. Maybe we can improve the product based on your feedback. We'll even buy the coffee... but it has to be high-end gourmet coffee... No chain coffee for us! :)

13. The amazingly dope product I just ordered says, "DEMO MODE" and then turns off after only 10-15mins of usage? Sup Wit Dat?
Yup! This is NOT by our choice and is a feature of Native Instruments Kontakt. If you use their "FREE-PLAYER" you will sadly encounter this. When you upgrade to the FULL-PLAYER, your SampleHero products will work as desired! :)