After years of kicking around the idea, SampleHero was founded by Dan Brown Jr in the winter of 2016 and went on-line Oct. 1st 2017.

"We wanted to create software instruments that were more like guitar pedals in a way... You know? You just plug them in and go!" Says, Dan. "How many times have you spent way too much money of a virtual instrument, loaded it up and thought... Huh? I can't figure it out... How do I even use this thing? I don't like any of these sounds.. Or even worse... I just don't like it!" "My hope is to create products that sound freaking awesome, work like they should, help you write music faster, save you time and cost you next to nothing!" 

**All products are created by Dan Brown Jr or are a partnership effort with James McClellan.


We are committed to continually creating Insanely Simple, yet Incredibly Musical virtual instruments, sample packs & MIDI packs for you!


Insanely Simple... Incredibly Musical...


We have big goals and high hopes for the future of SampleHero. With your continued support, we hope to create some of the most cutting-edge virtual instruments on the planet.

Thank you for your business!