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Did you know that a portion of SampleHero sales goes to support local charities, good causes, music programs, schools and a list of other ways? That's right! When you buy from SampleHero you're not just filling someone's pockets, rather, you are financially partnering with us as we give back to the community!

We invite you to come back to this page often to see all the amazing aways your contributions make a difference!

SampleHero's First Donation - (Weathersfield Elementary School) - 9/11/2017
SampleHero - Donations
Even though we're a small/new company, we feel it's incredibly important to give back to the community. Pictured above is Beth (@samplehero1), delivering (4) boxes... that's (40) reams... That's (20,000) sheets of copy paper to Weathersfield Elementary School. We caught wind that the school had not budgeted for the copy paper and we sprung into action! Consider that need fulfilled!

Like we said, we're small and because we're small, we can only make small donations, but with YOUR help we can grow as a company into a HUGE GIVING MACHINE!

Next Donation Scheduled For: Nov. 1st 2017