The Cabaret Piano

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Over a year in the making, we are so stoked to introduce you to The Cabaret Piano! + 100 .NKI Files!

This is your chance to own a piece of sonic history! When we found this old beat-up spinet piano tucked away for sale it quickly caught our eye and after plunking around on a few keys we knew it had SampleHero written all over it. So we bought it, rented a truck, loaded it up, brought it to the studio, had it tweaked and tuned and then we deeply sampled it, wrote a gazillion lines of code and wrapped it in a custom GUI just for YOU to enjoy! 

It’s clunky, knocky, noisy, and some of the hammers are worn-out. It’s old, smelly and yet it’s still perfectly imperfect! This piano has so much charm, character and vibe, it's already taken the place of all other virtual pianos in our personal templates! We LOVE it and we know you will too!

Furthermore, we sampled this piano with a "vintage tube preamp" for impeccable detail, warmth and to add that subtle saturated tone and glorious lite hiss that "real" vintage gear imparts. 

If you are looking for a incredibly realistic sounding virtual piano with an unmatched amount of vibe & character… Then look no further than, "The Cabaret Piano!" We’re pretty sure when you load this virtual instrument, you’ll smell the smoky cabaret from whence it cameth…


With over 100 .nki files, you have access to ambient pianos, criminal pianos, distorted pianos, sweet pianos, somber pianos, broken pianos, out of tune pianos, epic trailer "PING" pianos, sci-fi pianos and crazy SFX pianos....

It's nearly endless what you can do with The Cabaret Piano!

  • A Deeply Sampled, "Real" 1940's Cabaret Piano
  • Sampled with a Vintage Tube Preamp
  • Over 100 .NKI's
  • 5-Band EQ
  • Transposition Slider
  • Attack Control
  • Compressor
  • Sustain Pedal Noise Control
  • Key Release Noise Control
  • "Color" Knob
  • Emulated "Soft Pedal" On/Off
  • 3 Reverb Types: Room, Stage & Theater
  • Perfectly Imperfect and Full of Character & Vibe!


Requires Kontakt (Full-Version) 5.7.0 or Higher
5.75 GB of Disk Space

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