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EVOQUE is swiftly becoming the go-to vocal synth/chopper plug-in for music producers around the world! If you are looking for an easily playable, exquisitely fine-tuned and endlessly inspiring virtual instrument, with phrases that you can chop yourself with EVOQUE's stutter-key btw, then look no further!

EVOQUE is absolutely perfect for multiple genres of music and truly is a one-of-a-kind virtual instrument, just listen to our product demos for yourself! 

EVOQUE comes with an incredibly simple yet highly effective GUI for NI's KONTAKT Player, giving you complete control over the following:

EVOQUE has 10 Vowel Articulations: Ah, Ahh, Ee, Eee, Oo, Ooo, Mm, Mmm, Ze, and Zee. If that's not exciting enough, each Vowel comes with separately sculpted Bass and Lead sounds. (We processed the same sample specifically for the Bass and Lead for sonic superiority!)

The Attack knob allows you to adjust the speed in which you hear the samples play. When the knob is all the way to the left the samples play immediately. As you turn the knob to the right, the samples engage later and later with a natural sounding crescendo.

EVOQUE's 3-Band EQ is insanely detailed and incredibly sensitive! From bowel-moving Lows, to mix-cutting Mids and ear-shattering high's, when sculpting your ideal sound our only advice to you is... Process with caution!

GLIDE / Mono vs. Poly
EVOQUE's Glide knob adds the most human sounding portamento/sliding effect we've ever heard! When the Glide knob is turned all the way to the left, EVOQUE operates in Polyphonic Mode, (which is ideal for playing chords). As you turn the Glide knob clock-wise, EVOQUE runs in Monophonic mode (which is ideal for playing melodies), and the speed of the portamento increases.

For an additional 8-Bit sound-effect, set the glide to 3 o'clock and play 2 notes several octaves apart! 

This knob increases the amount of natural-sounding tube saturation to the samples.

Roll this knob counter-clock-wise to decrease the high frequencies of the source material.

This knob increases the amount of dotted 8th note, stereo, ping-pong delay applied to the source material.

This knob increases the amount of Phasing applied to the samples.

This knob increases the amount of stereo-widening Chorus applied to the samples.

This knob increases the amount of stereo-widening Reverb applied to the samples.

Simple and intelligent key-switching. 

We've scripted a momentary-mute key or "Stutter-Key" located on key "C1" to allow you to create custom chops via printing midi notes.

Left = Pitch Down / Right = Pitch Up
Push the Mod-Wheel up to access the "Kitty-Purr Effect"


Requires Kontakt (Full-Version) 5.7.0 or Higher

Created By: Dan Brown Jr & James McClellan

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