CrimeSonics - Vol. I [Full Version]

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SampleHero is now harnessing the full power of Omnisphere 2.6 with our brand new line of products we've been referring to as, "HeroSphere" products! 

CrimeSonics - Volume 1 [Full Version] features 200+ immediately inspiring crime sounds!

  • 33 Arresting Arps
  • 12 Bailiff Braaams
  • 38 DBJ's Signature Sounds
  • 9 Delinquent Downers
  • 7 Detective Drops
  • 14 Prison Pianos
  • 14 Reckless Risers
  • 35 Slammer Slams
  • 14 Tactical Transitions
  • 15 Warrant Whooshes
  • zzzBonus - 10 Free Crime Beds



Easy Installation Steps

1. Download your new SampleHero product to your desktop.
2. Navigate to your new SampleHero - CrimeSonics Volume file and unzip it unto your desktop.
3. Launch a DAW of your choice.
4. Inside of your DAW, create 1 stereo instrument track and instantiate Omnisphere 2.6 or Higher.
5. Click on the Utility "Cog Wheel" located at the top of Omnisphere.
6. Scroll down and click on: Install .omnisphere located near the bottom of the list.
7. Click Continue on the pop-up
8. Navigate to your SampleHero - CrimeSonics Volume I.omnisphere saved on your desktop and click it to activate the "Open Button" and click "Open."
9. Your new sounds will install and you can find them by clicking "Directory" in Omnisphere and selecting "User Directories" at the bottom.
10. Make doper music!

Required Omnisphere 2.6 or Higher
Purchase OmnisphereHere:
2 GB of Disk Space

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