Forensic Glass "Lite"

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EVERY composer should have access to amazing sounding virtual instruments! Price shouldn't have to get in the way of creativity!


Created exclusively from real glass sound sources, FORENSIC GLASS "LITE" is your new secret weapon for all things forensic investigatory! And it's only $19.99!!!! This product was created by thinning out Forensic Glass (Full-Version) to bring a cost-effective offering to the financially conscience composer.

hese sounds are tight, sophisticated and most importantly, instantly useful!!!

This incredible virtual instrument is an absolute MUST-HAVE for any composer looking to create Forensic Science cues for investigatory television, films and games! These sounds are sooooo good, they really should be illegal! ;)

  • Playable Glass Instruments
  • Glassy Pads
  • Glassy Risers
  • Pitched/Tempo/Synced Glass Perc Loops
  • Awesome Bowed Glass
  • Stunning Sound Quality!
  • Instant Glassy Vibey-Vibes
  • Everything you need to add the authentic sounds of the Forensic Science Laboratory into your tracks! GET THIS!

Required Kontakt (Full-Version) 5.7.0 or Higher
2.5 GB of Disk Space

 ***If you already own Forensic Glass (Full-Version), there is no need to buy this product. You already own everything in this "Lite" version.

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